Here we answer some of the most common questions or concerns that you may have:


1. I have a driver's license, but my country does not belong to the European Union. I do not have an International Driving License. Can I drive in Greece?

Answer: Unfortunately not. If your country does not belong to the European Union you must present an International Driving License along with the original license of your country.


2. I am over 21 years old and I have a driving license for more than 12 months. Can I rent one of your cars?

Answer: Yes! You can hire a car from us, class A2, B or C.


3. I want to use my credit card for the rental of the vehicle  from "Greekstones" will any additional  amount have to be blocked on my credit card as a guarantee for the car hire?

Answer: No. You will only be charged the agreed amount for the car hire .All of our packages provide full insurance cover from the first € (no excess), therefore no guarantee is required.


4. Can I pay for my car hire in cash upon delivery of the vehicle?

Answer: Yes, you can.


5. Can I pay for the car hire by Debit Card?

Answer: Yes! You can pay by Debit card. However, if delivery of the vehicle is made outside our offices, a prerequisite is that you must notify us in advance.


6. My Credit Card Provider covers car hire insurance. Can I use this package instead of yours to achieve a better price for my car rental?

Answer: No. The prices of our packages offered are inclusive! We do not make any exceptions.


7. What happens if I return the car  before the agreed  date & time ?

Answer: In case you return the car earlier than the agreed date & time ,there will be no refund.


8. Can I make a car reservation by telephone?

Answer: Of course. You can call our central office at +30 2671042201 and make a reservation in just a few minutes. By giving all the information requested your car will be waiting for you where and when you want!


9. What documents should I have with me to rent a car from “Greekstones”?

Answer: a) Valid Driving License and b) your passport or your ID card.