Here we answer some of the most common questions or concerns that you may have:


1. I have a driver's license, but my country does not belong to the European Union. Can I drive in Greece?

Answer: In case  your national Driver's license was issued in the UK, or in the USA, or in Australia or in Canada or in Gibraltar and your driver's license's document is written in English, yes you can drive in Greece with using your National D.L.

If your country does not belong to the European Union or your Driver's license was issued in a country other than those mentioned above, you must present an International Driving Permit along with the original license of your country.


2. I am over 21 years old and I have a driving license for more than 12 months. Can I rent one of your cars?

Answer: Yes! You can hire a car from us, class A2, B or C.


3. I want to use my credit card for the rental of the vehicle  from "Greekstones". Will any additional  amount have to be blocked on my credit card as a guarantee for the car hire?

Answer: No. You will only be charged the agreed amount for the car hire .All of our packages provide full insurance cover from the first € (no excess), therefore no guarantee is required.


4. Can I pay for my car hire in cash upon delivery of the vehicle?

Answer: Yes, you can.


5. Can I pay for the car hire by Debit Card?

Answer: Yes! You can pay by Debit card. However, if delivery of the vehicle is made outside our offices, a prerequisite is that you must notify us in advance.


6. My Credit Card Provider covers car hire insurance. Can I use this package instead of yours to achieve a better price for my car rental?

Answer: No. The prices of our packages offered are inclusive! We do not make any exceptions.


7. What happens if I return the car  before the agreed  date & time ?

Answer: In case you return the car earlier than the agreed date & time ,there will be no refund.


8. Can I make a car reservation by telephone?

Answer: Of course. You can call our central office at +30 2671042201 and make a reservation in just a few minutes. By giving all the information requested your car will be waiting for you where and when you want!


9. How can I become a member of "Greekstones" Club ?

Answer: Once you have hired a car with "Greekstones" , you automatically qualify to become a member of "Greekstones" club. Membership registration is free of charge, valid for a lifetime and there is no renewal fee.

Caution! Following the Laws regarding the protection of "personal data", if a member of the "Greekstones" Club remains inactive for more than 5 years, he/she is being deleted. Of course he/she can rejoin after his/her next rental.


10. What documents should I have with me to rent a car from “Greekstones”?

Answer: a) Valid Driving License and b) your passport or your ID card.


11. While I 'm trying to place an online booking, in the 2nd & 3rd stage I can only see the "Brochure's Rate"! When am I going to see again the discounted price?

Answer: The discounted price will appear again on the 4th Stage after you select a  Payment Method.When you "click" on  a payment method, the next screen will show a price analysis for your booking including the discounts and any extras you may have chosen in stage 2.If you aprove the final price, you can press the "Confirm" button to send us your booking.